Alzheimers DiseaseInfo Center

Damaging Alzheimer's Proteins Further Studied
There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but new and advanced research provides insights that could lead to more effective treatment and early recognition of the disease.
Making Alzheimer's a Better Memory
Could this dream come true? A medication that's currently approved for one disease could make Alzheimer's disease nothing more than a nightmarish memory.
Brain Drain Without Fish & Seeds
The Mediterranean diet has recently received many accolades for its aid in heart health, yet a new study discovered its contents may be largely beneficial to the brain as well. 
Sleep Soundly or Lose Your Memory
If you wake up frequently throughout the night you could be at greater risk of memory loss later on, new research suggests.
Ladies - The Air May Impact Your Mind
Older women should be mindful about the air they breathe: Chronic exposure to air pollution may be hurting your ability to think, reason and remember.
Too Much Food Weighs Down Thought
It’s fine to have your cake and eat it too, just don’t have it all the time…or you may not remember it!
Fighting Alzheimer's Disease With Money
The American government announced an increase in the available funds to fight Alzheimer’s disease.  This included $50 million for research and will be followed in 2013 by an additional $80 million.
Major Advancement In Alzheimer’s Research
There is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, and watching a loved one’s mental health degrade is an experience that no one should endure. Thankfully new research may lead to advancements in Alzeimer’s treatment.
Treating Dementia Differently
Comorbidity within disease can cause a variety of issues in terms of symptoms and treatment, and a new study looks into its effects on patients with Down's syndrome. 
Identify Alzheimer's 10 Years Early
The best new treatments for Alzheimer's disease likely will rely on early diagnosis and treatment. A new experimental test can help diagnose the disease 10 years before major symptoms appear.