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Is Breast Cancer Being Overdiagnosed?
If you’ve been following the breast cancer screening recommendations, you know there is a hot debate about whether or not mammography is overdiagnosing breast cancer.
Do Cancer Screening Guidelines Change Behavior?
Several years ago, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended that women in their 40s not have breast cancer screening mammograms.  USPSTF also said there was “insufficient evidence” for women 75 and older to be screened. Did women follow these guidelines?
The Weight of Race on Cancer
Being underweight or way overweight can affect a person’s ability to beat breast cancer. The role weight plays in who wins and who loses against this cancer varies among women.
It’s Complicated
After breast cancer surgery – particularly lumpectomies – radiation is recommended to kill any lurking cancer cells and reduce the chance the cancer will come back. One method of radiation therapy has complications for some.
Ward Off Breast Cancer with Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding your child can do more than provide your child better immunity and great nutrition. It can also reduce your risk of breast cancer.
Getting a Grip on Hormones While Fighting Cancer
It happens at some point to every woman: the hot flashes and night sweats signaling a major change in life. For cancer patients, these symptoms can be side effects of the treatment regimen.
No Change in Change-of-Life Hormone Warnings
A decade ago, when a woman reached menopause, she likely reached for hormone replacement therapy to calm the symptoms associated with the change in life. Then a large study called the Women's Health Initiative challenged that treatment.
Fewer Zzz's May Mean Worse Breast Cancer
It's hard to get a full eight hours of sleep each night. But it's important. For women with breast cancer, it's extremely important.
Radiation May Increase Increased Breast Cancer Risks
Women who inherited one of the BRCA genes already have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Certain medical tests – performed at certain ages – may increase those increased risks.
Being Fat is No Way to Live
You've heard it a million times. Maybe you make a joke or say, “I really do need to lose some weight.” The fact is, fat isn’t good for you in any way - physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.