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Breast Density and Living
Maybe you’ve been told you have “dense breasts.” This has to do with the types of tissue that make up your breasts. Dense breasts have more types of tissue - such as milk ducts – and less fat. On a mammogram, this tissue shows up white instead of gray, which is fat.
Radiation Helps Older Women Avoid Mastectomies
The need for radiation treatment after a lumpectomy has been studied for years. Current treatment guidelines say radiation is not necessary for older women with early breast cancer. A new study suggests that this may not be the case.
Chemo Is an Option for Pregnant Women
So little is understood about the effects of chemotherapy on a developing baby that doctors are still learning about how safe treatment is during pregnancy.
Which Bone Metastasis Drug Is Better?
When breast cancer spreads to the bones, various drugs are available to control the disease. This class of drugs is called biophosphonates . A manufacturer-funded study suggests its drug is better than others.
Vegetable Compound May Shrink Breast Tumors
A compound found in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and kale has been studied for its effect on cancer. Recently, its potential benefits may have been expanded.
Dualing Against Kidney and Breast Cancer
A lot is being done these days with combining medications, or changing the order in which they're taken. A new dual approach appears to be effective against deadly dual cancers. And the findings may apply to a number of cancers.
Offering Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer More Time
When breast cancer begins to spread to other organs, it's considered Stage IV. Two drugs currently being used to treat breast cancer have been found to work better together for the most serious form of the disease.
More Surgery Often Needed After Lumpectomy
If the breast tumor is small enough and it's early stage, most women choose to have breast conserving surgery called a lumpectomy. New research suggests this choice can lead to more surgeries. At least in England.
Powerful Rx Combo for Advanced Breast Cancer
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug to be used for postmenopausal women with advanced hormone-receptor positive and HER2-negative breast cancer.
Fat Cells Cuddle Up With and Hold Estrogen
Obesity. Obesity. Obesity. It's spreading everywhere and touches most every chronic health condition. Now researchers find obesity could affect how well long-term breast cancer treatments work.