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This Is Your Brain on Sleep Apnea
Sleep problems should be taken seriously because they can lead to so many other health conditions. But these disorders appear to act differently in women and in men.
Dentists Help Children Sleep Better
Sleep-disordered breathing is often associated with excess body fat in adults. However, when these issues are present in children, they may have more to do with the dentist than the dietician.
You Need More Oxygen When You Get High
A vacation in the mountains can be incredibly refreshing – unless you're so high the air is too thin to breathe. This can particularly be a problem for those with sleep apnea.
Graveyard Shift Keeping You Up?
Awake, asleep, tired, wired? Non-traditional work shifts can mess with the body’s natural sleep/wake cycle. Physical health deterioration and safety in the workplace are at stake.
Sleep Away the Pain
Wouldn't it be nice to spend an extra few hours in bed each morning? Chances are, you would get all the sleep you need - and you may feel less pain during the day.
Possible Hidden Risks in Sleeping Pills
One type of sleeping pill can treat several other conditions, like insomnia, epilepsy and anxiety. But it may also weaken the immune system.
New Sleep Drug Does Well in Trial
Most sleeping drugs try to treat insomnia by making a person sleepier. A new drug is being tested that works differently. Instead, it tries to reduce alertness to help you sleep.
Children's Sleep Times Remain Steady
Insufficient sleep relates to various health problems. These include obesity, mental health problems and academic difficulties for kids. So are teens and kids getting enough sleep? A research team decided to find out using national survey data from three different years.
Insomnia, Dementia and Sleep Meds
People with sleep problems may be more likely to develop dementia. A recent study found that taking a sleep med for a long time ups the risk.
Sleep Rx Raises Risk of Falling
Doctors often give medications like Ambien to help people sleep while they are in the hospital. But taking any sleep enhancement product may raise the risk of falling while walking around, which can lead to injury.