Health News

Jobs May Affect Heart Health
Factors like diet and exercise affect cardiovascular health. But where you work might also affect heart health.
Global Sodium Intake Exceeded Recommendations
Salt is a pantry staple and an ingredient present in many recipes. But too much of the seasoning can lead to high blood pressure and the potential for other serious heart conditions.
Too Much Exercise May Be a Bad Thing
Cardiovascular exercise like running or walking has a number of health benefits. But too much exercise may be unhealthy, especially after a heart attack.
Socioeconomic Status Tied to PAD Risk
Past research has linked lower socioeconomic status to a higher risk for heart disease. A new study now suggests that low socioeconomic status might be linked to a specific circulatory problem.
PAD Patients Got Moving with Dark Chocolate
Peripheral artery disease (PAD) reduces blood flow to the limbs, which can make it painful to walk for some patients. Eating a certain tasty treat before going on a walk may ease some of that pain.
Walking Gives Leg Up on Clogged Limb Arteries
With peripheral artery disease, arteries narrow and harden, decreasing blood flow to the legs. To relieve the pain and improve circulation, one of the simplest and most effective solutions may be walking.
Marriage is Good For The Heart
Marital status can affect people's lives in very many ways. It can even affect a person's and a couple's physical health.
Mediterranean Diet Might Be Good for Arteries
Could consuming the healthy fats, fish and perhaps even red wine of the Mediterranean diet help prevent a certain artery disease? Maybe so, according to a new study.
Fitness May be Key for Heart Disease Patients
Fitness is important to many people, but new research hints that it might be an issue of life or death to some patients with heart disease.
Stents vs. Surgery for Clogged Arteries
People with peripheral arterial disease  (PAD)  in the legs may not need to go to the extremes of surgery to treat their condition.