Health News

Just a Stomach Bug?
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea — these unpleasant symptoms are often brushed off as "the stomach bug" and ignored. But in many cases, a norovirus infection may be the real culprit.
Berries Blamed for Hepatitis A Outbreak
Organic fruit may be produced without chemicals or pesticides, but that doesn't mean it is immune from being contaminated with foodborne illness. 
Clean Eating is a Serious Matter
Food should fuel us and give us energy, not make us sick. But when certain bacteria gets involved, food can cause some serious problems in the body.
Uptick in Foodborne Infection
When it comes to episodes of food poisoning in the US, there is good news and there is bad news.
Real Frogs Not As Kid-Friendly as Kermit
Frogs and snakes may seem like low-maintenance pets for kids. But young children can become sick from contact with reptiles and amphibians.
Typhoid Fever Case in Indiana
A case of typhoid fever has been identified in a food handler at Purdue University on Tuesday. The case was announced by Indiana state officials with a warning regarding others' risk.
Score Big with Food Safety This Super Bowl Sunday
With the flu and noroviruses (stomach bugs) tackling millions this winter, it’s a good idea to plan ahead to avoid intercepting germs during Super Bowl parties. One of the best ways to guard yourself and your guests is to prevent double dipping.
Raw Beef Causes Salmonella Illnesses
An outbreak of salmonella linked to ground beef has made 16 people sick in five states, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Raw Sprouts: Are They Safe to Eat?
Last year, when the supermarket giant Kroger stopped selling sprouts, the news sounded alarm bells around the safety of selling and consuming sprouted seeds. What do you need to know?
New FDA Regulations for Food Safety
Salmonella and E. coli outbreaks effect thousands of people every year in the U.S. the The FDA has unveiled proposals to help the food industry prevent future outbreaks.