Health News

Mom's Weight May Affect Her Child's Weight
Previous studies have shown that the amount of weight that women gain during pregnancy can significantly affect the baby's health. And it's possible that a child's health could be affected throughout childhood and beyond.
Fertility Meds Didn't Cause Breast Cancer
Not all of the long-term impacts of fertility treatment are clear. But researchers have found reassuring evidence for those hoping to have a baby using such treatments.
Impact of Stress on Female Fertility
Trying to get pregnant triggers all kinds of emotions. One of those emotions, stress, may hinder efforts to conceive.
Low Birth Weight Might Mean Infertility as an Adult
Nowadays, babies born under a healthy weight are often able to survive and grow to a healthy weight. However, when these babies grow into adults, they may have problems having babies of their own.
Birth Control and Obesity Linked to MS
It's not clear what causes multiple sclerosis (MS), an immune disorder that is typically diagnosed between ages 20 to 40. But researchers are seeking more clues.
Wanted: A Child
For those who desperately want to have a child, it can be a long and emotional journey to try to get pregnant. Yet a wide range of infertility services exist.
Seeing Double – and Triple – After IVF
The development of fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization (IVF) has offered tremendous new opportunities for individuals to become parents. But they came with unintended consequences too.
Assisted Reproduction Not Linked to Autism
The cause of autism is unknown. It's possible that it might be associated with environmental factors. One such factor that recently interested researchers was the way a baby is conceived.
Small Risk of Diabetes Linked to Fertility Issues
Women who have overcome fertility problems know the joy of finally becoming pregnant. But their infertility history may help them prepare for the pregnancy as well.
IBD No Barrier to Having Babies
Inflammatory bowel disease may seem like a big obstacle for young couples hoping to start a family, but there may be little cause for concern.