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Got Type 1? Type 2 Rx May Not Help
For overweight teens with type 1 diabetes, good blood sugar control can be hard to come by.
Prescription Drug Use: The Recent Trends
If your medicine cabinet seems rather full lately, you may not be the only one.
Popular Diabetes Rx May Have New Destination in the Body
A new form of a popular medication might change the game for some patients with type 2 diabetes.
Common Diabetes Rx Might Be a Sight-Saver
It’s always nice to get a clear view. One diabetes medication may help patients do just that.
Diabetes Rx May Be Safe for Kidney Patients
There’s new hope for people who have both diabetes and kidney disease.
FDA Approves New Combination Pill for Type 2 Diabetes
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new combination pill to treat type 2 diabetes.
Common Diabetes Rx May Affect Thyroid Function
People who have type 2 diabetes and a sluggish thyroid may need to watch the medication they take to control their blood sugar.
FDA Approves New Combination Rx for Type 2 Diabetes
A healthy diet and regular exercise are the mainstays of treatment for people with Type 2 diabetes. But when diet and exercise aren't enough to control blood sugar, diabetes patients may need medication — and they just got a new option.
African Americans Respond Better to Diabetes Rx
Managing adult onset diabetes, which often develops in overweight patients, affects an estimated 29 million Americans and can lead to a number of complications.
Cancer Patients on Insulin Had Lower Survival Rate
Diabetes patients who also battle cancer require particularly special care. One new study shows oral anti-diabetes treatments have an advantage.