Health News

Poor Children Ditching Depression Drugs
Depression affects about one out of five children, and when it goes untreated there can be tragic consequences. Deepening and recurring depression, substance abuse, and even suicidal behavior can increase.
ICU Monitoring Saves More Babies
When a new baby has to be admitted the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), it is a frightening time for parents. Healthcare providers are committed to advances to support these babies during their tender start in life.
Breastfeeding Doesn't Fight Off Eczema
Breastfeeding for the first six months of life is recommended by the National Institutes of Health and most doctors. Babies who are breastfed gain vital immunities, are less likely to become obese, and are protected against common childhood illnesses and infections.
Artery Stenting Suitable for Kids
Surgically inserting a stent to aid blood flow is an accepted practice for adults. It hasn't been considered a safe option for children under 15 months. New research suggests it is feasible and can be performed safely.
Predicting Child's Asthma
What can be done prior to conception  to decrease the risk of of your child developing asthma? Mothers-to-be should get on an exercise and nutritional program.
When Mom Smokes, Brains Don't Develop
Data keeps rolling in about the dangers to an unborn baby if the mother smokes. A recent study suggests that brain damage and developmental problems are more likely for the babies of smoking mothers.
When Mom Has Health Issues, So Do Children
Children are often at the mercy of their parents' lifestyle habits. Parents who eat at fast food joints and cafeterias with high calorie, high fat foods can often be seen with less than healthy looking children.
Asthma's Smoking Gun
The dangers to the unborn child from prenatal smoking exposure are even greater than originally thought.These children start their life with a great health disadvantage.
Children's Hospitalization for Skin Infections Doubled
Skin and soft-tissue infections among children, severe enough to require hospitalization, are more common than you might think. Since 2000, the numbers of kids hospitalized for such infections has more than doubled.
Vaccinating a Village
Most schools have vaccine requirements for all students enrolled in their schools. On the other hand, workplaces and other parent "haunts" have no vaccine requirements.