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Living Near Highways May Raise High Blood Pressure Risk
Living close to a major roadway may have negative effects on health. One such negative effect is the possibility of developing high blood pressure, a condition that can lead to serious health problems like heart attack and stroke.
High-Protein Diet May Keep Blood Pressure Lower
Many medications reduce blood pressure, but new research suggests protein may also keep it in check.
Fit Men May Outrun High Blood Pressure
Doctors often use medicines and behavioral therapy to counteract risks associated with high blood pressure. But new research suggests the key to delaying high blood pressure may be exercise.
Diabetes May Affect Young and Old Differently
Diabetes affects millions in the US. But new research suggests that it may affect patients in different ways.
Small Weight Gain May Push Blood Pressure Higher
Losing weight can be an effective way to fight high blood pressure and improve heart health. A slight weight increase, however, may raise blood pressure.
Cutting Calories May Cut Sleep Apnea
Obesity is linked to a host of conditions, such as sleep apnea and high blood pressure. New research suggests that cutting calories may improve these conditions.
Salt and Blood Pressure Tie May Not Be Completely Clear
Limiting salt to save the heart is an idea that has long been stressed. But a new study suggests that the relationship between sodium and high blood pressure might be more complicated.
ER Visits for High Blood Pressure Jumped
About 1 in 3 Americans has high blood pressure. Although medicine and lifestyle changes can help, a rise in emergency care for blood pressure suggests that many may not have it under control.
Eating More Fruit May Boost Heart Health
Multiple studies have shown the many health benefits of fruit. And when it comes to heart health, the more fruit, the better, a new study found.
Belly Fat May Raise High Blood Pressure Risk
When it comes to fat and high blood pressure, location may be everything. Your chances of having high blood pressure are greater if you’re obese, but fat around the belly may pose the greatest risk.