Health News

Using Computers to Avoid Dementia?
Computers can provide games and social connections for elderly people. But can using a computer help the mind stay strong?
Can Vital Vitamins Help Slow Dementia?
There is no known way to prevent dementia currently. However, researchers are learning more about ways to possibly slow it down or lessen the risk of the disease.
Alzheimer's Affects Genders Differently
Although there's nothing that can currently prevent the decline caused by Alzheimer's, it helps to understand the disease. Research reveals that it affects men and women differently.
Is Diabetes Making Brains Smaller?
While the size of your head may not matter so much, the size of your brain does. If parts of your brain get smaller, you may be faced with brain function problems. Diabetes may play a role in this process.
Gingko Biloba Doesn’t Prevent Dementia
Taking ginkgo biloba , an herbal supplement, did not lower the risk of developing dementia. A recent study gave ginkgo biloba to older people with memory problems for five years.
Green Tea’s Brain Boosting Power
Green tea has many health benefits, and some claim that it can boost memory. A recent study went looking to some furry friends for insight as to why green tea may improve memory.
Does Blood Sugar Really Shrink the Brain?
As you grow old, your brain may shrink, leading to problems with memory. In the past, brain shrinkage has been tied to diabetes. Now, new research suggests that brain shrinkage may start well before the onset of diabetes.
NFL Players’ Brain Disease Risk Triple
The NFL season kicked off September 5. The same day, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a special report about NFL players' deaths from brain diseases.
Dementia Brain Changes Show up Early
Memory problems are the first symptoms of dementia. New research shows that changes in the brain may show up as much as 10 years before memory symptoms.
Stressed? Meditation Changes Your Genes
Taking care of an aging loved one can be stressful. Also, caregivers often do not have extra time to concentrate on their own health. Meditation practices may help, and they take less time than you think.