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Stem Cells not yet Clear on Heart Repair
A patient's own bone marrow cells may be able to repair hearts weakened by heart failure by improving their pumping ability. The improvement in a recent study was considered small, but significant. The research, though still limited in size, marked the largest study to date in using stem cells to repair heart damage caused by chronic ischemic heart disease and left ventricular dysfunction. Eat healthy foods to protect your heart. Dr. Emerson Perin , director of clinical research for cardiovascular medicine at the Texas Heart Institute and the study’s lead investigator, said th...
Vice President Cheney Gets a New Heart
Former Vice President Dick Cheney is recovering at a Virginia hospital following a heart transplant on Saturday. His office made the announcement Sunday.
Sudden Blood Pressure Drop Risky
If moving from a lying position to standing causes you to experience a sudden blood pressure drop, a condition known as orthostatic hypotension, you may be at a higher risk of developing heart failure.
Vitamin E Won't Cut Heart Failure Risk
Supplements can offer benefits to patients and, at times, even stave off certain medical conditions. While vitamin E supplements can be beneficial, they do not appear to lower the risk of heart failure in women.
Women Have Stronger Hearts Than Men
Heart failure may affect affect a similar proportion of men and women, but gender is still influencing the longevity of chronic heart failure patients.
Hispanics Have Advantage in Surviving Heart Failure
Hispanics have several risk factors for heart failure, but little research has been available regarding Hispanic patients suffering the condition. A new study suggests that when it comes to survival, they may have an advantage.
CRT Benefits Many Heart Failure Patients
In recent years there's been more of a push toward cardiac re-synchronization therapy to treat patients with significant heart failure. A new review suggests the therapy also may benefit those with mild heart failure symptoms.
Proactive Goals Key for Heart Failure Patients
With the continued development of new treatments and technology, advanced heart failure patients are living longer. Doctors suggest maximizing that added longevity by discussing goals and care preferences earlier.
Is Your Lung Connected to Heart Failure
Poor lung function may be more than just a symptom of respiratory disease. A new study has shown a link between lung function and the increased risk of heart failure.
Heart Failure New Guidelines Boost Survival
Several simple steps such as better heart education and taking blood pressure medication could help heart failure patients improve their chances of survival over the next two years.