Health News

Smoking May Be Even Riskier Than Once Thought
Smokers, it’s never too late to quit — and there may now be even more good reasons to do so.
Breast Cancer Rx Linked to Heart Failure
Roughly one in four breast cancers has too much of a protein called HER2, which makes the cancer grow faster. The medication Herceptin (trastuzumab) targets the HER2 protein to help breast cancer patients live longer. But this medication may be linked to heart problems.
Cancer Succeeds After Heart Fails
Thanks to advances in medicine, heart failure patients are living longer than ever before. Scientists are now seeing that these survivors need to be especially careful to keep an eye on their overall health.
Can We Protect the Heart from Chemo?
Adriamycin ( doxorubicin ) can be a good chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. But, for some women, it can lead to heart damage. A recent study found a way to predict who is at risk.
Fitness Now Improves Life Later
Higher fitness levels bring lots of benefits to individuals in the now. It helps keep away illnesses and makes the body strong. And fitness also has an effect way down the road by adding years to life, but its quality had been in question.
Mystery Behind Heart Failure After Chemo Solved
Scientists were working to find a drug target for heart muscle disease. Instead they incidentally discovered a key to preventing heart failure years after chemotherapy.
Untold Story: Cancer Rx & Heart Damage
The toxic side effects of some cancer medications are well-known. They can cause everything from nausea and hair loss to joint pain and fatigue. One very serious side effect is being under-reported and jeopardizing patients.
The Heart of the Matter
A new development from Queens University, Belfast, may save cancer patients from heart failure and thus save lives.
Learning from History
In recognition of Black History Month we're taking a look at diseases for which African-Americans are at higher risk -- and what to do about them.
Toxic for the Ticker?
A recent study from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute has found breast cancer drug bevacizumab (Avastin, Genentech) appears to increase risk of congestive heart failure.