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Autistic People Don't Care What Others Think
People with autism approach and deal with social interactions much differently than other people, and often struggle with relationships and social life. Autistic people process information in unusual ways but are often very high functioning in other areas.
Changes in the Autistic Brain
Children with autism generally have head and brain overgrowth that is larger than the development of children without autism. Several brain regions involved in cognition, communication and social skills show dysfunction early in life for autistics.
Size and Growth of Babies Offer New Clues Into Autism
The signs of autism are met with distress and concern for most parents. Avoiding eye contact, not responding to their names, lack of interest in objects and delayed speech skills are all symptoms of autism, that show up before age three.
Autism's DNA Identified
Brain overgrowth and an abnormal, excess number of neurons could be associated with the development of autism. Boys with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a 67 percent excess of cortical cells, which are developed in the womb before birth.
Changing Perceptions: The Power of Autism
People with autism are known to have many developmental and cognitive delays, and often have trouble with speech and social interactions with others.
Slower Brain Growth in Autistic Children
Despite the fact that autism affects one in 110 American children, little is known about the disorder and why it causes developmental delays from moderate to very severe.
Autism Strikes Across Income Levels
Autism is one of the more mysterious intellectual disabilities, and for years scientists have been trying to better understand its causes and functions.
Motor Skills Key for Infant Head Start
The first few years of life are filled with constant discoveries and learning experiences, giving us much of what we will use for the rest of our lives.
Autistic Teens Rely on School for Help
High school kids who are struggling with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have plenty of challenges to face, including controlling their own behavior, development and learning difficulties, and impaired social skills.
Autism Among Siblings Much Higher than Thought
Autism runs in families. This understanding has been known in the medical field for some time.  But the chances of an autism diagnosis among siblings are much higher than doctors previously estimated.