Health News

The Autistic Gut
Parents of autistic children frequently hear about the torment of gastrointestinal problems within their children, and new research sheds insight into what’s really going on.
Schools For Autism Deliver Benefits
When parents of autistic children begin conversations about schooling, studies suggest tailoring learning processes to the disease yield more beneficial results for patients with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ).
Bigger Not Always Better
While all there are many unknown contributing factors that go into the development of autism spectrum disorders, research is starting to show that there are concrete differences in brain structure between autistic children and their unaffected peers.
Prozac for Autistic Relief
Although the drug Prozac is well established as an effective therapy for depression, researchers may have found another use.
Epilepsy Drug Linked to Autism
The exact causes of autism are still not known, and much of how the disorder develops remain a mystery. Many studies point to prenatal development links.
Autism Revelations From the Skin
A famous saying indicates the eyes to be the portals of the soul, while a recent study shows the skin to be a useful portal to understanding the brain. 
‘Visual Supports’ Communication Kit
In playing popular games such as Charades or Taboo, individuals often find themselves wishing for a pen and paper upon struggling to find the words to express themselves. Autistic children often feel the same way in regular life.
Mainstreaming Autistic Success
Think about your last misunderstanding and the "a-ha" moment felt when enlightenment occured .  Could this type of realization regarding mental health disorders change children's perspectives? 
Autistic Odds Increase Over Time
Many past studies have asserted a suspicion that with advancing age come health risks in offspring. A recent study confirms older gentlemen have a higher risk of reproducing autistic children than their more youthful peers. 
Unmute A Child
So many parents anxiously await the day of their child's first words, and now, previously hopeless parents can start getting excited.