Health News

Cockroaches and Air Pollution Shouldn't Mix
Most people try to steer clear of cockroaches. For children, however, avoiding these large, brown creepy crawlers is especially important.
Depression Makes Asthma Worse
Mental health can often affect many different aspects of life, including physical health. New research suggests that older adults with asthma may have more asthma-related issues when they are depressed.
Adult Asthma and Aging
Asthma can be difficult to control at any time of life. New research suggests, however, that older adults living with asthma may have more health issues as they age than younger adults with asthma.
Where There's Smoke There's Worse Asthma
One of the worst things a person with asthma can do is smoke, or even be around tobacco smoke. Fortunately, fewer asthmatic kids are smoking or are around secondhand smoke.
Baby, Eat Your Oats!
Some parents may look for ways to prevent their children from developing asthma and allergies. Many experts have recommended exclusive breastfeeding for several months before introducing other foods.
Childhood Asthma Leaves a Mark
Many people who develop asthma during childhood or young adulthood outgrow it by the time they are older. New research suggests that their lungs may be affected even when the symptoms are long gone.
Infertility and Childhood Asthma
When a couple has trouble conceiving, they may use infertility treatments to get pregnant. New research suggests there could be a connection between these treatments and childhood asthma.
Does Your Work Make You Sick?
Many jobs come with monthly sick days. What if you have to use those days because it's your job that's making you sick?
Using the Mind to Reduce Inflammation
If you're in pain, you probably don't feel great. If you're emotionally frustrated or upset, it can make your pain worse. So then how do you break the cycle?
From Mama’s Achoo! to Baby’s Asthma
Is stopping to smell the roses a bad idea if you’re eight months pregnant? One rose too many might not be advised.