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Ladies, Wanna Cut Your Cancer Risks?
It’s now thought that a large proportion of cancers are associated with carrying too much weight. Nearly half of all cases of one type of female cancer are linked to obesity. Researchers have drilled down on weight and uterine cancer risks.
Sugar Coating Uterine Cancer Risks
From a health perspective, we’re learning that sugar isn’t all that sweet for the body. In addition to obesity, sugary foods and drinks are associated with a number of diseases, with cancer now being one of them.
Statins + Aspirin Cut Cancer Death Risks
Statins are medications that help with high cholesterol. Along with pain relief, aspirin reduces inflammation. These two medications together may provide important benefits for women with endometrial cancer.
Other Cancers After Breast Cancer?
Even after a cancer is successfully treated, there's still a risk that another cancer may show up at some point down the line. A recent Spanish study looked at the risk of second cancers in breast cancer survivors.
Robotic Surgery: Separating Reality from Hype
Robotic surgery sounds so high tech. But are these surgeries better than conventional methods? What should a woman know about robotic surgery if she's having a hysterectomy?
Confidence Key for Cancer Survivors
If you feel pretty confident you can do something, you’re more likely to do it. That’s pretty simple. It turns out self-confidence may be key when it comes to cancer survivors exercising.
Uterine Cancer in Baby Boomers
Women from the baby boomer generation may have different lifestyle habits than previous generations. Those habits may change the treatments options of lady baby boomers with uterine cancer.
Testing Cancer Tissue Mid-Surgery
Surgeons don’t always know what’s going on inside the body until they get in there. With uterine cancer, an old lab technique may help doctors in the middle of the surgery.
New Genes Found in Uterine Cancer
Modern cancer research continues to show that it’s the genetic mutation at the root of the tumor that must be dealt with to effectively eliminate the cancer. The same is true for aggressive uterine cancer.
Pap Smears For More Than The Cervix?
Ovarian and uterine cancer cells can trickle down to the cervix and show up on a routine Pap smear. In the future, this additional cancer screening may be part of a normal exam.