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What HER2 in Stomach Cancers Means
HER2 stands for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 and is most often seen as HER2 . It's a cell protein that stimulates cancer cells to grow. Its presence usually indicates an aggressive cancer.
Still the Right Decision
Emotions run rampant and the stakes are high in the billion dollar world of new cancer treatments. Scientists make sure the correct procedures are followed, and no mistakes overlooked.
Childhood Cancer Warriors at Higher Risk of GI Cancers
Gastrointestinal cancers show up anywhere along the digestive tract. And while risk factors for each organ vary, a separate group of people appear to be at greater risk.
Does Aspirin Lower Cancer Risk?
Recent news that aspirin performs as well as the blockbuster blood thinning drug Plavix , may not be the crowning achievement of this respected drug.
Infections Cause 1 in 6 Cancers
Millions of people around the world are diagnosed with cancer after being infected with a virus, bacteria or parasite. That accounts for one in six cancers.
Linking Fat and Cancer
Changing characteristics of people in the last century in the western world have had some unlikely effects. Rising levels of gastric cancer, for example, caused one researcher to examine whether obesity could be the cause. A group from North Ireland's Queen's University Belfast published an overall analysis of obesity and digestive tract cancers, looking at cancers both in the stomach and throat. Ask your doctor about how to get started on long term, effective weight loss. Researchers concluded that absolutely obesity indicated higher chances of both forms of cancer, but surpris...
Statins Linked to Lower Stomach Cancer Risk
Researchers from Taiwan published a study showing that statin use substantially reduced risk of gastric cancer. Could smoked fish be the reason?
Stomach Cancer Genes Identified
Cheap computing power allows even bigger fishing expeditions looking for relationships between your genes and cancer. Finding unknown cellular pathways may hold the answer to therapies of the future.
Longer Drug Treatments for GI Cancer?
Newly published studies have begun to emphasize the effectiveness of combining several types of treatment for the best success in cancer therapy. This includes patients with gastrointestinal stromal cancers (GIST).
Is Chemo Needed After Surgery?
Traditionally, making decisions about whether to operate or treat a cancer with chemotherapy has been a clinical decision by the doctor, with reliance on their own experience and training.