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Child Mental Health Disorder Rates May Not Be Rising
Recent claims about children's mental health in the media have had a tendency to be somewhat negative. But a new Canadian study suggests some of those claims may be inaccurate.
Talk Therapy May Best Treat Social Anxiety Disorder
Antidepressants may be the go-to treatment for social anxiety disorder, but one type of talk therapy may be more effective and have longer-lasting effects.
Perfect Parenting Pressures Could Affect Mental Health
Becoming a parent for the first time can be hard for some people. But some new parents may risk developing a mental disorder when they also face social pressures to be perfect parents.
Looking for the Silver Lining Works
You've heard all the clichés: look on the bright side, look for the silver lining, see the glass as half full. The thing is, that strategy might actually work if you suffer from anxiety.
Too Much Media Linked to Mental Health Issues
Ever text messaged while watching TV? Or talked on the phone while playing a video game? Listened to iTunes while online? You're media multitasking — which is now linked to anxiety and depression.
Excessive & Compulsive Internet Use
Can too much time on the Internet lead to depression and loneliness? Is the Internet addictive? Internet use has carved out a niche of research in communication and psychology.
College Isn't Just About Academics
The first year of college can be a scary transition as students have to navigate campus, make friends and prepare for class, all on their own. So, what are some tips for success?
You Can't Play!
If you have ever worked with children, you have probably witnessed an upsetting incident of a group of children excluding a peer.
Can Re-Runs Re-Charge Us?
Doesn’t watching TV make people couch potatoes? But it feels so good to sit and chill out for a while. Maybe it’s not all bad and there’s something to enjoying the occasional re-run.
Dads Pass “Trust Hormone” to Kids
Often called the "love hormone" or "trust hormone," oxytocin is a chemical that helps parents and children bond to one another and works on children's emotional development.