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Cancer Patients Live On
Cancer is a scary diagnosis, but there’s some really good news out there these days — more people are surviving.
Breast and Prostate Cancers: Double Trouble
Ladies, do you have a close relative or two who has had prostate cancer? This family history may play a part in your risk of breast cancer.
Too Much Cancer Screening, or Too Little? Opinions Split
It may seem strange at first, but in certain cases, some patients would prefer to never discover their cancer. Experts recently examined the complicated issue of cancer overdetection and found that opinions varied widely.
Most Common Prostate Cancer Treatment May Not Always Be Best
The majority of prostate cancer patients may receive the same treatment. There are other options, however, and they may be underused.
Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer: A New Management Method?
If you have prostate cancer, you may be seeing a lot more of your doctor. That's because this cancer is often managed with frequent checkups rather than aggressive treatment in low-risk cases. And this may be the best option for some intermediate-risk cases, too.
Cancer Survival Gains Not the Same for All Groups
Cancer patients are winning the battle against the disease like never before, but age and race may play a role in determining survival odds.
Smoking May Be Even Riskier Than Once Thought
Smokers, it’s never too late to quit — and there may now be even more good reasons to do so.
Kicking Cancer by Kicking the Habit
Quitting smoking may benefit more than just the lungs of prostate cancer patients. It may improve the course of their treatment.
Combo Treatment May Be Answer to Prostate Cancer
A simple equation may lead to a longer life for prostate cancer patients: androgen deprivation therapy plus radiotherapy equals longer survival for those diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Cancer Screening May Benefit Diabetes Patients
Diabetes patients may need to take extra precautions to lower their risk for cancer or catch it early.