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A New Intervention for Domestic Violence?
Could intimate partner violence be helped through better communication skills? The research team at the Center for Couples Therapy in Houston thinks so.
Why do Women Watch Sports?
Women, even former athletes, say they’re too busy to keep up with women’s sports. The notable exception is Olympic events, which are less frequent and bring out national pride.
Are Homosexual Couples Healthier?
Did you know that sexuality could affect health? Straight couples could be more at risk for unhealthy habits than gay and lesbian couples. Talk to your partner about staying healthy. Researchers Corinne Reczek and Debra Umberson , both of who are professors of sociology, conducted the study. Beczek works at the University of Cincinnati while Umberson works at the University of Texas at Austin. 100 in-depth interviews were conducted with people currently involved in relationships that have lasted eight or more years. Fifty relationships total were studied and both partners were i...
‪Open-Fire Cooking and Kids' Brains‬
There's nothing like a barbecue or roasting marshmallows over a campfire to bring a family closer. But too much exposure to open-flame cooking may affect a child's developing brain.
Brain Power Against Chemical Solvents
Education helps the human brain to make complex networks of neurological connections. Evidence suggests that these kinds of networks defend against chemical solvent damage.
Air Pollution and Asthma Don't Mix
Pregnant moms, listen up: Stay away from areas with high air pollution. It can hurt your growing baby, especially if your child develops asthma.
Battle of the Bug Bites
As you're enjoying Memorial Day meals this weekend, don't be surprised to see six-legged friends scavenging for meals. Hopefully, they'll go after your food crumbs and not your blood.
Boob Tube Linked to Kids' Poor Eating
The electronic babysitter may do more than keep your child occupied. Too much TV watching may also be contributing to your child's unhealthy eating habits. A recent study found a link between the amount of TV a child watches and a higher likelihood of having poor eating habits, like skipping breakfast, eating sweets or fast foods, or drinking more sweetened drinks. Give your child healthy options for TV snacking. Leah Lipsky , PhD, and Ronald Iannotti , PhD, of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, Md . studied patterns ...
Heat Waves may Affect Your Health
People who live in warm climates may be more used to the scorching heat of summer. These folks are better equipped to handle high temperatures.  However, for people from colder regions, heat may become a major health shock.
Banned Antibiotics in Chicken Feathers
Do you know what's in the chicken on your plate? You may be ingesting tiny amounts of arsenic and antibiotics that are illegal to feed chickens according to two recent studies.