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Kids Assign Fault to Undesirable Behavior
Social acceptance and bullying are a top concern in the classroom, for both children and their parents. Unfortunately, children can have a tendency to tease and ostracize their peers mercilessly, especially for being different or possessing undesirable characteristics.
Playing Nice is Learned Early
Social cooperation and working together is the key to the success of the human race.
Poor Neighborhoods Produce Fewer Graduates
It's no secret that growing up in poverty has a huge negative impact on children, in many ways. Their education suffers, often because of lower quality schools and the challenges that poverty brings.
Technology Will Help End World Hunger
There are millions of people all over America that need to be fed on a daily basis. Did you ever stop to think where that food is coming from? Food Day is near, so give thanks for food.
Healthy Eating In Utero
During pregnancy, mothers are told they need folic acid, also known as folate. This mineral helps prevent neural tube defects, but it doesn't prevent all birth defects.
Learn from your mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes. It's completely natural, but many people will try to avoid making the same mistake twice. It just takes a little will power to get your brain in motion.
Deep in the Mind of a Teenager
Are your teens acting out and doing things that aren’t making sense? It might be a borderline personality disorder - this can be serious and needs medical treatment.
The Brain Keeps Growing and Growing…
For a long time, the medical community believed the brain stopped developing during adolescence. Researchers have now found evidence that the brain is still growing past then.
Family Fitness Leads to Health
Want to learn how to bring your family closer together all while improving health? Family exercise can do just that and be fun for the entire family. 
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
The more that is understood about newborn birth defects, the clearer it is that a mom-to-be really has a great deal of control over her future baby's health.