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How Statins Might Help Your Sight
Statins are known to lower cholesterol and improve heart health in some patients. New evidence suggests they could also help some patients' sight.
Keeping an Eye on Infant Eye Disease
For babies at risk of blindness, one common treatment may do more harm than good.
To Help Your Kidneys, Check Your Blood Sugar
Even if you don't have full-blown diabetes, your blood sugar could still affect your kidney health.
What Eye Drops Could Do for Nearsighted Kids
Rates of nearsightedness, or myopia, have increased dramatically over the last few decades. But new evidence suggests that medicated eye drops may be the key to fighting this global issue.
Diabetic Eye Disease Rx Delivers Results
A drug approved to treat a severe diabetic eye disease may soon be able to help with another.
Seeing Clearly: Kids and the Great Outdoors
Nearsightedness in children is a major problem in some areas of the world. But there may be a simple solution.
Detailing the True Risks of Eye Injections
If you hear about a treatment causing blindness, you're likely to opt for another one — even if it costs you much more. But in the case of two eye injections, a reported blindness risk might have been overblown.
Indoor Tanning Fades, but Millions Still Risk It
At one time, many people thought indoor tanning meant a healthy glow year-round. Today, more and more people may be realizing that this isn’t so.
Common Diabetes Rx Might Be a Sight-Saver
It’s always nice to get a clear view. One diabetes medication may help patients do just that.
When Too Much Calcium Might Be a Bad Thing
If a supplement is good for, say, bone health, most people would feel wise to use it. However, the situation can get sticky when that same supplement is tied to an increased risk of other health issues.