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Time's 'Person' of the Year: Ebola Fighters
Time magazine's selection for Person of the Year 2014 isn't just one outstanding man or woman — it's the thousands of men and women who have fought what is now the largest Ebola outbreak in history.
More US Hospitals Equipped to Treat Ebola
The United States's Ebola readiness just got a boost. Now, 35 hospitals across the country are equipped to treat patients with Ebola. And more hospitals are expected to be ready in the coming weeks.
Ebola Patient Dies in Nebraska Treatment Center
A surgeon infected with Ebola in West Africa is headed to the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha for treatment.
Health Officials Ramp Up Measures Against Ebola
Despite recent decreases in new Ebola cases in hard-hit Liberia, the fight against Ebola isn't over. After recent case spikes in Guinea and Sierra Leone, health officials have taken several new measures to combat the virus both abroad and in the US.
Guinea, Sierra Leone Seeing More Ebola Cases
After reports last week that the rate of new Ebola cases in Liberia was slowing, new reports indicated a spike in cases in Guinea and Sierra Leone. Meanwhile, Texas, where a few cases broke out in October, hasn't seen a new case in 21 days.
New Ebola Case Rate May Be Slowing in Liberia
Recent reports suggest that the new Ebola case rate in Liberia, one of the hardest-hit countries in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, may be slowing. But health officials remain cautious about relaxing the fight against the virus.
Two Ebola Vaccines May Be Ready by 2015
Health officials announced Friday that millions of doses of two experimental Ebola vaccines could be ready to use in 2015. If they prove effective, the vaccines could be a boost to the fight against the current West African Ebola outbreak that has claimed more than 4,800 lives.
NYC Doctor with Ebola Released from Hospital
A New York City doctor who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa tested positive for Ebola Thursday. Health officials placed the patient in isolation and began the search for people who might have come into contact with him.
Health Officials Revise Ebola Treatment Protocol
While treating a Liberian man infected with Ebola, two Dallas nurses became infected with the virus. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has tightened its guidelines for Ebola treatment.
Contacts of First US Ebola Patient Cleared From Watch List
More than 40 people in Texas breathed a sigh of relief Monday — they had been taken off a watch list for Ebola infection after coming into contact with the first patient diagnosed in the US, Thomas Eric Duncan.