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Preventing Dental Caries in Kids
From the moment your child's first tooth erupts, bacteria has the ability to cause caries, or tooth decay leading to cavities. Dental caries are actually the leading chronic disease among young children in the US.
Heart Disease Patients Often Have Poor Dental Health
People with heart disease often have to pay very close attention to their health. It's possible that even dental health is closely associated with heart disease.
Dental and Mental Health Linked
Could tooth loss present more than just an oral health problem? New research suggests dental hygiene could have a broader impact on well-being.
Dental Problems Plague Crohn’s Patients
Some studies have shown Crohn’s disease patients to have more cavities and other dental problems. Are these problems related to the disease, dental hygiene or other risk factors?
Relief for Sensitive Teeth
Sensitive teeth can ruin a great meal, but relief may be closer than you think.
Pulling Teeth Before Heart Surgery May Pose Severe Risks
Before going through heart surgery, patients often have infected teeth pulled to avoid infection after surgery. However, this preventive measure may actually be causing more problems than preventing them.
Does a Great Smile Reveal a Healthy Heart?
Your mouth may give clues to your overall health. Inflammation linked with gum disease, for example, may play a role in heart disease. Treating gum disease, however, may not lower heart risks.
A Healthy Mouth Didn't Help Control Diabetes
Could better dental health help with managing blood sugar and controlling diabetes?
Lowering Dental Visit Anxiety
Many people get a little anxious about seeing the dentist. But severe anxiety about the dentist may cause people to delay or stop dental care, which can lead to serious outcomes.
Describing Gum Disease in America
Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in older adults, and tooth loss can affect a person's quality of life. It seems that some groups in the US may be experiencing gum disease more than others.