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Amitiza Studied for Chronic Constipation
While many people experience constipation at some point in time, some people have to deal with it on a much more regular basis. For these individuals, finding an effective treatment is very important.
Constipation Relief Without Serious Side Effects?
For people with chronic constipation, sometimes dietary changes like drinking more water and eating more fiber may not fully solve the problem. Researchers recently looked at one medication that may provide relief to people with chronic constipation without serious side effects.
Relief for Chronic Constipation
For individuals who experience chronic constipation, it can be a challenge to find an effective treatment out of the many options available. A recently published review points to some treatments that may work.
When Tummy Aches End Up in the ER
Stomach aches are not uncommon among children. More serious abdominal pain, however, may lead parents to take their children to the emergency department.
Constipation May Not Link with Colorectal Cancer
Folks are considered constipated if they have three or fewer bowel movements a week. Doctors often refer these individuals to get a colonoscopy screening. But is that the right move?
Upset Belly Pill Approved
Those uncomfortable and sometimes painful trips to the bathroom may be a little easier to deal with. The US Food and Drug Administration approved Linzess , which is a new drug used to treat bad cases of irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation in adults.
Laxative Therapy Could Dry Up Bedwetting
More than 5 million children in the US wet their beds at night, according to the National Institutes of Health. But a common cause of bedwetting may be going undetected.
Using Opium Painkillers to Treat Stomach Pain
Many Americans battle chronic abdominal pain, which may be a symptom of serious conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, or gallstones. However, experts are worried that doctors are over-prescribing opioid painkillers for the pain, especially if another medication is a better option.
Colon Cleansing Clogged
Commitment to regular bowel movements can sometimes lead one to take extreme measures. Many herbal products offer quick fixes to get the system to speed up.
Constipated Classrooms
Elementary school children who don't like fruits and vegetables are 13 times more likely to suffer from functional constipation than those who do, according to a new study.