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Is Exercise Best for Low Back Pain?
Chronic degenerative-related low back pain can be challenging to manage. A recent study highlights an alternative approach to the commonly prescribed exercise therapy.
Smoking Worsens Back Arthritis
A little over half a century ago, cigarettes were not seen as a danger. Some doctors even recommended them. Today, we know that cigarettes are linked to a variety of health problems, including arthritis.
Good News for Short Term Back Pain
Low back pain is a common condition that can affect every day life through discomfort, health care costs, disability and loss of work. Luckily, most back pain is alleviated in the course of six weeks.
Spotting Spinal Arthritis Early
Ankylosing spondylitis is not the most common cause of back pain. As such, it might be over-the-top to screen every back pain patient for ankylosing spondylitis . So, how can doctors more easily spot those with the disease?
How do we Experience Back Pain?
You've probably felt it. An aching pain in your lower back. When you have lower back pain, do you seek help, or wait for it to go away?
Who's the True Pain Killer: Drugs or Chiro?
At some point in their lives, many people will experience neck pain with no clear cause. Yet, there is little research to help patients and their doctors decide which treatment to use.
The Perfect Gift for Your Former BFF
One gift you might want to make sure is not on your list this season is the ShoulderFlex Massager. Though it might appear to be a relaxation-inducing gift, the FDA is warning to skip the dangerous device.
Thinking Twice on MRI for Back Pain
You're at the doctor for your lower back pain, and he's considering giving you an epidural to relieve the pain. If he asks for a MRI before he decides, ask him if it's absolutely necessary.
Fibromyalgia and Spine Pain
You're in pain. Your neck and back constantly hurt. But how do you know if your pain is just pain, or if it's fibromyalgia?
Downward Dog for Your Back
While many people find that drugs can relieve their back pain, medical treatment is not always the best option. Sometimes some simple physical activity can do the trick.