Health News

Rx Helps Heavy Drinkers Drink Less
For heavy drinkers, abstaining from alcohol is a tough goal. Topiramate, a new drug, may reduce heavy drinking in people with a certain gene variation associated with alcohol dependence.
New Drug Combo For Cocaine Addicts
Treating cocaine dependence is extremely tough. The science community is working towards making it a little easier with medication. A new trial has taken a step in the right direction.
Kids These Days… and Their Rx
It's important to treat mental illness. But some people have concerns that children are over-treated with medications. Research evidence does show an increase in some psychiatric meds for kids.
Botox Little Help for Migraines
Botox -- perhaps best known for fighting wrinkles associated with aging -- also is approved as a treatment for chronic migraines, though studies evaluating its effectiveness as a headache reliever have been mixed.
New Migraine Guidelines Stress Prevention
Many patients suffering from chronic migraines may be eligible to take preventative medications, yet few take them. New guidelines for treating migraines stress using available therapies to prevent such attacks.
Seizure Medication Targets Meth Addiction Too
As research continues to improve understanding on the pathology of disease, medications found to be beneficial for one disease may be proven effective in treating different, unrelated medical issues.  
Treating Epilepsy While Pregnant
It has been well established that there is a risk of birth defects in the baby for pregnant women taking the anti-seizure medication phenytoin . Newer anti-epileptic drugs are safer, and a new study aimed to confirm the data.
Drug Combo Cuts Pounds
While some drugs work well on their own, patients sometimes see better results from taking multiple drugs. Researchers have found that a combination of two already approved pharmaciutical medications helps obese people shed pounds.
Ceasing Seizures Causes Cleft
The FDA is warning mother's about a drug that may cause a deformity in infants born to mothers who use it to treat their epilepsy.