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Male UTI Treatments May Miss the Mark
Urinary tract infections (UTI) are more common in women than in men. But for men who have UTIs, poorly defined treatments can lead to antibiotic resistance and higher costs.
One Potty Problem After Another
If potty training isn't going well with "Number 2" but the bladder is under control, it may be a sign your child has a problem with his or her bowels.
UTI Care at Hospitals Lacking
Hospitalized patients often have urinary catheters placed if they are unable to go to the bathroom on their own. But be wary of the care that is given to these catheters.  
Surgery Doesn’t End All Pelvic Problems
Women who may have a urinary tract infection ( UTI ) on the day of surgery for their pelvic floor disorder are likely to have another UTI in the first six weeks after the procedure, a new study has found. 
The Strong Survive, Even Bacteria
It's an endless cycle: strong medications beat the germs, then the germs that survive grow again and beat that medication. Drugs are constantly being improved to combat these super bugs.
Could a Mom's Infection Lead to Epilepsy?
Could something as simple as a bladder infection put a child at risk for epilepsy? Past research has suggested a possible connection between a pregnant mother’s infection and her child’s risk of epilepsy and researchers are taking another look.
Official Circumcision Policy Updated
To cut, or not to cut? That is literally the centuries-old question. The American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ) has wavered on their position regarding circumcision.
Less is More When Getting Rid of Bacteria
People with bacteria in their urine may go on to develop an infection that needs drug treatment. Other people with the same bacteria will never become infected. Yet some doctors still treat these patients as if they were sick.
Cranberry Juice Helps Treat Kids' UTIs
A urinary tract infection ( UTI ) can be painful and annoying, especially for children. Here’s a tip: You may be able to treat repeat UTIs  more quickly by giving your child a glass of cranberry juice a day, reports a recent study.
Kids' Kidneys are Safe
Urinary tract infections are thought to increase the risk of kidney disease in children. Yet, the evidence of this link is not strong and researchers are now challenging the notion.