Health News

Race Plays a Role in HIV/HCV Fatalities
These days, people with HIV are most likely to die from complications of an opportunistic infection. But can race make a difference in how disease plays out?
Treating STDs in Teens More Effectively
Are teenagers getting enough help in treating sexually transmitted diseases (STD)? A new study reveals that teenagers may not be getting adequate STD treatment. It's possible that doctors are not aware how they can help.
Cancer's Tipping Point Of No Return
Hepatitis B infection is serious business. The virus attacks and damages the liver which, over time, can lead to liver cancer.
Better, Cheaper, Simpler Test
For women who have been treated for cervical cancer, the most accurate follow-up test might also be the cheapest. The simpler test checks for the cure rather than the disease.
Hospitals See Fewer Errors With Smarter Electronic Records
Patients with HIV are tasked with taking a complicated regimen of drugs on a daily basis. But you think that staff at a hospital could keep everything straight, right?  Given the complexity of HIV medications, hospitals have issues too.
Outcomes of Teen Sex Unclear
Do teens' early sexual experiences determine their reproductive health and behaviors later in life? It depends slightly on how long teens wait to start having sex.
Can Facebook Prevent STIs?
Imagine this: You open up your Facebook to see that a page you 'liked' has posted about where you can get tested for HIV. If you keep getting these messages, will you avoid a sexually transmitted infection ( STI )?
Raising AIDS Awareness Among Hispanics
Hispanics make up the fastest growing population in America. They're also among the most heavily impacted by HIV and AIDS – and an important piece of the puzzle of putting an end to AIDS.
HPV Shots Don’t Lead to Sex
One of the concerns expressed by some parents about the HPV vaccine is that getting it might encourage their daughters to have sex sooner. Not so, says a new study.
"Like" Safe Sex, You Might Do It More
What if "liking" a Facebook page could help you make better decisions or live healthier? For sexual health, there is some evidence that it can.