Health News

The Molecule of Many Diseases
It is good news when researchers gain a little more knowledge about the development of one disease. It is even better news when that little bit of knowledge applies to a whole group of diseases.
Home Care Plans Not Lowering ER Visits
Hospital emergency departments have improved how they treat kids with severe asthma attacks, but sending young patients home with a plan to treat their asthma does not seem to help prevent readmission.
Preventing a Sneezy, Wheezy Halloween
Ghosts and goblins aren't the only scary things out and about at Halloween. The holiday has a number of potential triggers for kids dealing with allergies and asthma.
COPD Patients At Greater Heart Disease Risk
Not all chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients are at the same risk. A recent study has found that COPD patients with reduced lung function are more likely to develop heart disease.
Overly Thin COPD Patients at Added Risk
Being underweight isn't healthy in general, but it can be especially dangerous for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients.
Primatene Mist Being Pulled off Market
Next year, you will not be able to buy asthma inhalers without a prescription. A popular medication is being phased out because it contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
Shallow Breath and Swelling Blood Sugar
Children who are struggling with both diabetes and asthma have to deal with more than shortness of breath; some of them seem to have a harder time keeping their blood sugar under control.
Genes May Predict Who Responds to Inhalers
A genetic difference may explain why some asthma sufferers respond well to inhalers and some don't. About 40 percent of asthma patients don't respond well to inhaled steroids.
Asthma's Algorithms
Of course, one of the goals in pregnancy is to avoid or lessen in utero exposure to drugs. Maternal asthma is a tough condition to control while minimizing medicines.
9/11 Remains Wreaking Havoc on Asthma
Along with the lingering memories of terror and loss from 9/11, a group of innocent children continue to suffer health consequences stemming from the fall of the World Trade Center.