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Fatigue Linked to Parkinson’s Patients Lifestyle
Although Parkinson’s disease is most recognized for problems with movement, many non-movement symptoms might also affect patients. Doctors often do not recognize these fatigue symptoms and therefore under treat them.
Parkinson's Disease is Deadlier for Some
Parkinson's disease has many possible symptoms.  Researchers have found some groups of Parkinson's patients more often than others have negative outcomes.
Mirapex Helps Parkinson's Depression
Patients with Parkinson's Disease often suffer from depression. One drug that treats a number of Parkinson's physical symptoms may also help with some of the emotional complications of the disease.
Michael J. Fox Fights His Disease Online
Michael J. Fox's battle against Parkinson's disease needs volunteers, even if they don't have the disease. His latest effort matches volunteers with studies about Parkinson's disease.
Game Your Way to Parkinson's Improvements
Taking steps to improve balance and gait when suffering from Parkinson's disease doesn't have to be boring.  Playing physically active video games can be a fun way to reduce the physical declines of the disease.
FDA Rejects Expanded Designation for Parkinson's Treatment
A U.S. Food and Drug Administration panel has unanimously voted to reject an expanded indication for Parkinson's drug rasagiline (Azilect).
Hysterectomy Raises Iron Levels and Risks
Iron is an essential element for a properly functioning body, but extemes of iron in the blood have different consequences. Strategies for optimizing iron levels are discussed in new research from the University of California - Los Angeles.
Your DNA May Cut Parkinson's Risk by 20 Percent
Most often, patients consider having a genetic risk for a disease means that having a gene increases the likelihood of developing a particular medical condition. That's not the case with a new Parkinson's gene.
FDA Approves Scan That Diagnosis Parkinson's
Potential Parkinson's disease patients now have an easier tool to aid with diagnosis. Called DaTscan, it marks the first diagnostic imaging tool approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Brain Injury Increases Parkinson's Risk
A traumatic brain injury won't cause Parkinson's disease. Instead it may make patients more susceptible to developing the neurodegenerative disorder.