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Experimental Lupus Rx Shows Promise
Lupus is a chronic and often disabling disease with very few treatment options. But there may be some hope on the horizon where that is concerned.
Pregnancy and Lupus: A Fairly Safe Combination?
Many women with lupus have been warned about the possible dangers of becoming pregnant and having the condition. But new evidence suggests that these risks might have been overestimated.
Lupus Patients Had High Hospital Readmission Rate
People with chronic illnesses often go to the hospital frequently. But lupus patients may face particularly frequent hospital visits.
Lupus May Be More Common Than Previously Thought
In the 1950s, people thought lupus was a rare disease. Then over the years, studies found lupus rates that varied widely. Now, two new studies suggest the disease may be more common than previously thought.
A Closer Look at Cancer Risk for Lupus Patients
Lupus is a disease that can affect almost any area of the body, and a new review showed that the condition might also carry a greater risk for certain other diseases.
Using the Immune System to Fight Lupus
Only one new treatment for lupus has been approved in 50 years, but that one approval has sparked new optimism for effective therapies.
Rx Helped Control Lupus Flares
People living with lupus often report a worse quality of life than healthy people. Part of this is due to the fact that lupus treatments like corticosteroids can carry unpleasant side effects.
Cancers a Bit Higher in Kids with Lupus
With lupus, there are risks for other health issues from the disease-related inflammation. The rates of cancer among kids with lupus may be a bit higher compared with other kids.
Arthritis Management Can Include Yoga
Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual practice that millions enjoy today for its many physical and mental benefits. Yoga may bring some relief to people who have arthritis or similar diseases.
Arthritis May Accompany Other Chronic Conditions
Many people are living with more than one chronic disease. According to a recent study, many newly diagnosed arthritis patients may be living with another chronic disease.