Health News

Magnets Swallowed by Tots Can Cause Serious Harm
Some young children love to put things in their mouths, and most small items don’t pose too much of a problem. But other items are much more dangerous than they seem and pose a serious risk if swallowed.
Cognitive Costs of Chemical Exposure
Certain laundry detergents, wall paints, patio furniture varnishes and other products for indoor and outdoor home upkeep leach sometimes dangerous fumes. Those fumes’ negative health effects may be lasting.
Many Injuries Associated With Baby Gates
Many parents safeguard their home when they are expecting their first child. But one item meant to keep children safe may also cause them harm.
Pfizer Issues Antidepressant Rx Recall
Taking prescribed medication can become a habit that we execute without much thought. But concerns about a medication mix-up may lead some to double-check their labels this week.
Secondhand Smoke May Present Pregnancy Problems
Smoking tobacco during pregnancy has been linked to a host of prenatal and birth issues. Women don't even have to be a smoker to be at risk; secondhand smoke may pose a threat as well.
Cat Bites Could Be More Dangerous Than You Think
When a cat bites, the wound is often brushed off because it doesn't look like much. However, a new study warns that cat bites can be serious and prone to infection.
Kids with Asthma Commonly Exposed to Secondhand Smoke
Secondhand smoke can cause asthma to flare up, especially in children. Knowing a child's history of tobacco exposure may help pediatricians spot who is at risk for future asthma attacks.
Longer Lives Predicted for Americans
Statisticians and health officials are constantly examining longevity and estimating length of life. These experts have now released new data on life expectancy for the US population.
Early Deaths Vary State to State
Could where you live have an effect on your risk for early death? There are some differences between states and rates of premature death, a new study found.
Smoking Bans Worked Inside and Outside the Home
A smoker can’t totally kick the habit by only smoking occasionally. Researchers have found that public — and private — smoking policies may work in much the same way.