Health News

Rx May Prevent Cocaine Relapse
Part of beating drug addiction is learning how to combat the craving. Not all triggers of drug cravings are obvious, and stopping those triggers might be the key to beating addiction.
Unclear if Behaviorial Interventions Can Curb Teen Drug Use
About one out of 10 teenagers uses illegal drugs or pharmaceutical medications for nonmedical purposes. And health professionals aren't sure what the solution to this public health problem is.
Teens Driving Drunk after Riding with Drunk Drivers
It's important to teach teens not to drive while under the influence. But there may be risk factors parents can watch for in doing so.
Hospital Visits for Opioid Overdose Might Spell More Trouble
Opioids are strong painkillers that can help manage pain when used properly. But they can cause serious harm, even death, when used inappropriately.
Energy Drinks Tied to Drug and Alcohol Use in Teens
Energy drinks are popular beverages among teens, but one new study suggests that teens who make these drinks a daily part of their diet may boost their risk of drug and alcohol use.
Psychotic Disorders and Addiction Linked
Sometimes those with mental disorders can also experience other types of physical or mental illness. One such mental illness they may be at risk for is addiction.
Faster, Stronger, Better — Is it Worth It?
Lance Armstrong. Barry Bonds. Floyd Landis. Jose Canseco. Marion Jones. Roger Clemens. And so on. They betrayed our trust, but what might performance-enhancing drugs have done to their health?
How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy
Women have all sorts of decisions to make about their behavior during the months that they are pregnant. Some of their decisions can boost the likelihood of a healthier pregnancy.
Teen Athletes Might Be Using Opioids More Than Others
Sports are a great way for teens to maintain physical and mental health. But teen athletes can get injured. Sometimes, those injuries are so painful that teens are prescribed opioid painkillers, which might introduce the opportunity for drug misuse.
Opiates and Sedatives Weren't What the Doctor Ordered
Illegal drug use can be one concern to watch out for among teens and young adults. But so can misuse of legal, prescription medications.