Health News

Cancer Diagnosis Age and Your Heart
If you're diagnosed with cancer, your age when you get that diagnosis could help determine your risk of deadly heart disease, according to a new study.
The Risks of Yo-Yo Dieting
Yo-yo dieting may be linked to more risks than just regaining the lost weight.
Biking: For Fun, for Work, for Your Heart
Riding your bike regularly — whether it's for the wind in your face or to get to work — may help keep your heart healthy, two new studies found.
A New Device to Prevent Strokes
A new device could reduce the risk of a stroke in those who have had a stroke before.
Heart Rx Interactions: Talk to Your Doctor
All too often, medications interact with each other, and that can cause serious problems. Statins and some heart medications are no different.
High Blood Pressure and Your Brain
Your blood pressure and your brain health may be connected, according to a new scientific statement.
Blood Pressure Medications and Mental Health
What do blood pressure medications have to do with mood disorders? According to new research, there may be a link.
After Stroke, Time Matters
The faster a patient who has had a stroke has a procedure to remove the blood clot, the better, according to a new study.
AFib May Be More Dangerous Than You Thought
Atrial fibrillation (AFib) may pose more health risks than just stroke, a new study found.
An Alternative to Warfarin
There may be an alternative to warfarin to prevent cardiovascular problems associated with atrial fibrillation during cardioversion treatment, a new study found.