Health News

New Treatment Offers Hope for Multiple Myeloma
Multiple myeloma is a hard cancer to cure. But there may be some good news on that front.
Sex, Age and Surviving Cancer
A rare form of bone cancer, osteosarcoma, develops in about 800 Americans a year. A new study looked at how an individual’s sex and age affect survival.
FDA Expands Use of Cancer Rx
Not all tumors are cancerous. For example, giant cell tumor of the bone (GCTB) is a rare disease that usually is not cancerous.
Will One Drink Hurt the Baby?
One of the common questions pregnant women might wonder is whether they can drink any alcohol at all while pregnant. One glass of wine? One sip? Will it hurt the baby?
Microwaving Away Pain
Cancer that either starts in or spreads to the bone can be extremely painful. So can cancers that begin in the muscles or other soft tissue of the body. A relatively new treatment method may bring much needed relief.
Low Back Pain Rarely Signals Cancer
If you’ve ever had low back pain, you’re a member of a large club. An estimated 70 percent of individuals have low back pain at some point in their lives. But how often does low back pain signal something more serious? Very rarely.
Famed Classical Pianist Van Cliburn Dies of Bone Cancer
Van Cliburn - the famed pianist - has died of complications of bone cancer. He had been battling advanced bone cancer since last August. 
Material "Wood" Replace Damaged or Lost Bone
Remember the images of pirates scraping by with a wood leg? Well, wood may be coming back into fashion for repairing and replacing damaged bones.
Don't be Wowed by WOW
Dietary supplements can be tricky business. When the FDA cracks down on dangerous supplements, sometimes they pop up again elsewhere. WOW is a new supplement on the market that could cause serious problems.
Childhood Cancer May Have New Foe
The presence of genes, genetic mutations and whether genes are switched on or off can all play a role in cancer. Researchers have discovered a compound that targets a gene involved in childhood cancer.