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Crossing Guard For ADHD Kids!
"Hold hands and look both ways before crossing the street", is a common phrase. For children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), moms need to insert, "Make sure there are no cars coming before crossing the street."
Quality of Life Suffers for ADHD Children
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can negatively impact so many areas of a child's life - and that of his or her family. And the more severe the disorder, the more the quality of life suffers.
Is Anesthesia Dangerous for Children?
Anesthesia could have a detrimental effect on very young children, recent research suggests. Children exposed to anesthesia could have learning disabilities, thinking problems or ADHD.
Beddy Bye for Pre-K
Early bedtimes are a must for preschoolers. They should really have their heads on the pillows by 8:00 PM. Lack of sleep early on could lead to learning difficulties once the bell rings for school to begin.
ADHD children have smaller brains?
A brain region that controls thought and movement is smaller in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than in other children, a study has found. This result could mean better intervention strategies for ADHD.
Why Blue Light Specials Can't be Ignored
A blue light starts flashing, accompanied by an appealing siren sound. An overhead announcer blares, "Blue light special on aisle 7." K-mart has it right - once conditioned, our minds can't ignore rewarding objects.
ADHD may Actually be PTSD
Being exposed to violence and trauma can have a profound impact on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children. And the effects can linger for years.
Avoid Gas Passing for Babies
Pediatricians and pediatric surgeons never recommend surgery requiring general anesthesia for children unless absolutely necessary. New data confirms this advice.
Multitasking is Multi-Distracting!
You might be one of the 59% of Americans that use your computer and TV at the same time. Studies show that “multi-taskers” who think they can successfully divide their attention between TV & computers prove to be driven to distraction.
Distractions While Driving
Car drivers are even more distracted than normal when sending text messages, answering phone calls or searching for their destination on a GPS. The results from a new study reports that individuals with ADHD have a greater risk of getting in a car accident.