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Breathing Better and Soaking Up Sun
Could catching more rays help you breathe better? According to a recent Korean study, it may be possible.
Staying Focused on TB
While great strides have been made in combating tuberculosis (TB), it is by no means time to forget about the disease. This is the key message of World Tuberculosis Day, observed on March 24.
The Status of TB in Children
Pediatricians ask many questions at yearly check ups. There’s one question they might need to add to the list: Where were the child’s parents born?
New Rx for Hard-to-Treat TB
In the United States, most people recover from tuberculosis (TB), a type of lung infection. In some people, however, the drugs used to treat TB don't work. A recently approved drug could help fix this problem.
FDA Approves Sirturo as Tuberculosis Option
On Dec. 28, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Sirturo ( bedaquiline ) as part of combination therapy to treat adults with multi-drug resistant pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) when other alternatives are not available.
Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Hits India
When a disease becomes resistant to its current treatment, there is cause for widespread concern. That's what is happening in India today, as drug-resistant tuberculosis cases are on the rise.
FDA Proposes Lower Risk Classification for Tuberculosis Testing
The Food and Drug Administration issued a proposed rule that would encourage the development of a type of test used to detect cases of tuberculosis (TB). This rule would lower the current risk classification for nucleic acid-based tests allowing manufacturers to utilize the faster, more streamlined clearance pathway for medical devices. Nucleic acid-based tuberculosis tests can detect the presence of copies of tuberculosis bacterium genetic materials (RNA or DNA) in a mucus (sputum) sample obtained from the patient. This allows timely identification of TB disease. Currently, the...
Pregnancy Increases Risk for Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious bacterial infection that affects your lungs. It’s not very common in the U.S., only affecting about 11,000 Americans yearly. But there’s one group that may be more susceptible to TB: pregnant women.
Why PZA has TB Pizzazz
How a 60-year-old drug used to treat an even older disease, tuberculosis (TB), works has never really been understood, until now. Pyrazinamide (PZA) appears to be a tie that binds TB progression.
TB Blood Tests Inaccurate
Blood tests are one method that has been relied on to diagnosis tuberculosis (TB). Now the World Health Organization has warned that such blood tests can frequently be inaccurate and lead to unsuitable treatments.