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No Cookie Cutter Methods
Standard surgical guidelines are put in place to encourage the best possible results for patients. What are acceptable reasons for not following those approved guidelines?
How Old is Old with Thyroid Cancer?
Most treatment plans for papillary thyroid cancer take a patient’s age into consideration. New research suggests that there may be no reason to use 45 years of age as a measurement point, as age 65 might be a better marker to start therapy.
One Cancer is Enough
Children and young adult patients have really great chances against thyroid cancer. However, a common treatment may cause big problems down the road.
Easy On The Radioactive Iodine
It’s understandable that doctors want to treat cancer with every weapon in the arsenal. But, in the case of the most common type of thyroid cancer—the big guns may not be necessary.
Socioeconomics & Thyroid Cancer
Studies have indicated that people with money and insurance have higher rates of thyroid cancer. Turns out—they just go to the doctor sooner.
Put Down That Surgical Knife
Who wants to have part of their thyroid removed if they don’t actually have cancer? The good news is that the knives may be going away when it comes to diagnosing cancer in the future.
Measuring Blood Vessel "Bendiness"
Have you ever heard of the word "bendiness?" We have not either. Yet scientists are using this term to describe the twists and turns of blood vessels, because too much bendiness may mean a serious bend in one's health.
Thyroid Cancer Outfoxed
A molecule called FOXO3a was thought to be a keen cancer fighter. Instead, when it comes to thyroid cancer, it's actually a fox in the hen house.
Test May Prevent Unnecessary Thyroid Surgeries
When a suspicious lump or nodule is found on the thyroid, biopsies can be performed to determine whether or not it's cancerous. If there's a question, the next step usually involves surgery.
The State of Thyroid Cancer
Any cancer diagnosis is frightening.  A research study shows that  newly diagnosed thyroid cancer patients may lead normal lives after treatment.