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A Black Eye in Teen Romance
Patterns of violence in romantic relationships often start young. And the effects of dating violence in the teen years carry over into the adult years.
These Are the Kids to Watch
No doubt bullying and child abuse are serious issues, especially for kids and teens. Even worse, they can sometimes be a matter of life and death.
Can't Blame it All on the Internet
With all the news about cyberbullying and suicide, it may seem cyberspace is more dangerous than the school playground these days. But there's more than meets the eye in the hype.
We Can Still Do More for Veterans
As the suicide rate in the military climbs, the Veterans Administration is looking for ways to improve suicide prevention for veterans. An expert from the Mayo Clinic points out more ways to improve prevention of military suicides.
How a Bully is Made
If prevention relies on knowledge, how do you prevent bullying? You figure out what child is most likely to become one.
What Cat Litter & Suicide Have in Common
Among the various things pregnant women generally should avoid is changing kitty litter, which may seem oddly random in a list with alcohol, undercooked meat, soft cheeses and smoking.
The Choking Game
Reports from the US and Canada show that adolescents are experimenting with the ‘choking game’. Creating awareness of brain damage and accidental death may curb an adolescent's interest.
The Effects of Bullying on the Young
It isn’t easy to deal with a bully, and young children are often the victims. These young bullies probably don’t understand the effects, but the victims of bullying are more likely to hurt themselves. According to a new study the victims of bullying are up to three times more likely to do harm to themselves by age 12. Talk to teachers and your child about bullying The study was led by Helen Fisher, PhD, of the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London. “Bullying by peers is a major problem during the early school years. This study found that before 12 years of...
Bullying Cases Increase Thoughts of Suicide
When you get a call home that your child has been involved in a bullying case—as the bully or the bullied—addressing and correcting the issues could prevent future psychological distress.
Aggressive Children
Within the United States we are used to hearing claims that the media and video games pollute our minds. It seems parents around the world share the same concerns.