Health News

Easy Does It: When Too Much Exercise May Not Be Better
More of a good thing isn't always better. And that may apply to exercise and its effects on heart health.
How a Healthy Heart May Keep You Mobile
A heart-friendly lifestyle is one of your best bets for preventing strokes and heart attacks, and it may help many stay mobile and independent for longer as they age.
Ride Your Way to Motor Improvement After Stroke
The last thing you want after a stroke is someone making you ride a bicycle at a fast pace, but that might be just what you need.
Stroke Patients May Need to Put the Brakes on Driving
While some stroke survivors may resume routine activities, not all return to their normal abilities. Even a mild stroke can make driving a dangerous proposition.
FDA Clears System to Reduce Stroke Risk during Stent and Angioplasty Procedures
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today cleared for marketing the ENROUTE Transcarotid Neuroprotection System (ENROUTE TNS), for use during a minimally invasive procedure to restore normal blood flow to narrowed carotid arteries.
Healthy Valentine’s Day for a Healthy Heart
Valentine’s Day — a day of chocolates, romantic dinners and loving hearts. Why can't it also be a day to focus on heart health?
Blood Pressure Guidelines Challenged
Stop the presses! New evidence has challenged a previous guideline for recommended blood pressure levels.
How the 'Sun Vitamin' Might Help Stroke Patients
Too much sun can be damaging to skin health, but a little may be just what the doctor ordered for those at risk of a stroke.
This New Device May Stop Repeat Aneurysms
A new, gel-filled device could keep burst brain blood vessels sealed, which could save lives.
This Device Could Predict Strokes
After a stroke, getting the right treatment is important to avoid another one. When the cause of the stroke is unknown, doctors must rely on certain tools to determine the best treatment.