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Antipsychotic Drugs May Cause Metabolic Problems
Antipsychotic drugs are among the most prescribed drugs in the U.S. Almost all of these drugs are known to possibly cause obesity and diabetes, and, until recently, nobody knew why.
Immigrants may Develop Woes Later on
Immigrating to a new country is never easy. For some young children, immigration increases the risk of severe mental problems later.
Do Antipsychotics Meds Cause Diabetes?
With stability being the top priority for people taking antipsychotics, a number of health and quality of life concerns remain. One is the risk of diabetes.
Early Brain Changes in Mental Health
The daily life of psychosis patients varies greatly from your average"Joe". Looking into the brain begins to shed light on why we are all so different.
Mentally Accept the Ill
While treatment and understanding of schizophrenia has improved greatly over the past few decades, a stigma associated with the disease can still remain, even in family members of those afflicted with the disease.
Pounds Encourage Prescription
Around the holidays, weight always becomes a topic of health consideration, while doctors seem to consider it year-round.
Medicaid Home Concerns
Across the nation, thoughts about the mental health of children in our foster care system yield worry. So much so that researchers decided to look into their antipsychotic usage to examine the validity of these concerns.
Atypical Drugs Last Longer
With advancements in pharmaceuticals happening every day, many people wonder what differences really exist in novel treatments. Doctors hold the same questions.
Schizophrenia Signs Before Birth
With approximately 2.5 billion chances for diversity in our human genome, there is a lot of science going into our individual differences.  
New Insights into Mental Illness
Psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia have long been something of a mystery, but new research is identifying the brain circuits and chemicals that are involved in such illnesses.