Health News

Acetaminophen Linked to Kidney Cancer Risk
For any ache that's major or minor, one has a readily available painkiller to use. This may relieve short-term pain but may increase the risk of getting kidney cancer in the long-term.
Nonaspirin NSAIDs Linked to Kidney Cancer
Popular pain relievers have long been thought to be harmless. Such is not the case, it turns out. Care needs to be taken with everything you put in your system.
Bullseye Cancer Therapy
Killing healthy cells and tissue is one of the downsides of traditional cancer therapies. A team of scientists is in the process of "painting a bullseye on cancer cells" to remedy this problem.
Starving Cancer to Death
Like every other living organism, cancer cells need food to live. They live off glucose to grow and spread. Scientists have identified two compounds that block the sugar and starves the cancer.
Cancer in America
Earlier this year, the American Cancer Society released the latest figures on the state of the nation's battle against the world's most dreaded disease. The good news is that cancer death rates are down across the board. The not-so-good news is that less educated Americans are dying prematurely in greater numbers.
A Possible Poisonous Connection
In the film, Arsenic and Old Lace , Cary Grant learns his aunt is a homicidal maniac. Scientists have discovered that arsenic may have a poisonous link to another killer - kidney cancer.
New Gene Discovered in Kidney Cancer
Kidney cancer is one of the forms of the disease that's usually fairly advanced by the time it's diagnosed. Now there may be new hope for treating patients who don't respond to conventional therapies.
Kidney Cancer Cells Bombed
Most believe the only way to cure kidney cancer is through surgery. Yet, there are ways to slow down the spread of the disease. Now, researchers have found a sort of "smart-bomb" treatment to attack kidney cancer cells.
Simple Way to Predict Outcome
Up until now, knowing the outlook or prognosis for kidney cancer patients has been difficult to determine. Scientists have found that a routine blood test can predict the course of the disease and help make better treatment decisions.
Agent Orange Kills More than Plants
During the Vietnam War, a chemical known as Agent Orange was used to kill the plants where the enemy hid. Over the years, Agent Orange was been linked to numerous types of cancer.