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Take Blood Pressure Pills on Schedule
Along with regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, medications can lower high blood pressure. Treatment, however, has to be taken as directed by your doctor.
Pressure Drop May Stop Stroke Comeback
High blood pressure is the most important risk factor for stroke that you can change, according to the American Heart Association. A lower pressure may also ward off having additional strokes.
Race Predicts Stroke Risk
Stroke is the leading cause of long term disability. Stroke cuts off blood supply to the brain. It is the brain's number one enemy.
Meditation Boosts Heart Health
Meditation may not be high on your to-do list if you have a busy lifestyle. It makes sense to find time to unwind because the added relaxation may offer your heart a boost.
Heart Problems Not Blocked by Beta-Blockers
Beta-blockers used to lower blood pressure are regularly prescribed for patients with coronary artery disease. However, new research suggests the medication may not lower the risk of recurrent heart events.
Intense Blood Pressure Goals in Diabetes
People with diabetes face a higher risk of heart problems. While treating high blood pressure has been shown to protect against these complications, it remains uncertain what blood pressure target is best.
Hypertension Risk Higher Among Black Stroke Survivors
Following a stroke, high blood pressure can put survivors at further risk. A new research study found that black stroke survivors are more likely to experience hypertension within one year.
ER 1/25 4 PM CST Longterm Heart Risk Predictions May be Deceptive
The common practice of predicting the risk of heart attack and stroke a decade into the future might be giving some patients a false sense of security.
Changing the Course of Heart Disease
Awareness has increased for coronary heart disease. Individuals more easily recognize the symptoms and know the importance of managing factors such as high cholesterol and hypertension.
Hypertension Now, Heart Risk Later
Blood pressure changes during middle age may be more significant than they appear. An increase or decrease in blood pressure during that period can increase lifetime risk of heart disease and stroke.