Health News

A Parasite Strikes the Lone Star State
An outbreak of the foodborne illness  cyclosporiasis has caused over 45 infections in Texas.  T he public needs to be on alert for digestive symptoms.  Meanwhile, Texas health officials are on the hunt for a cause.
Latest Foodborne Outbreak Tied to Cheese
We assume food stored in the refrigerator is safe and healthy. But certain bacteria can grow and thrive even when the temperature is cool. A Listeria  outbreak in the midwestern United States has been tied to a certain brand of soft cheeses.
Just a Stomach Bug?
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea — these unpleasant symptoms are often brushed off as "the stomach bug" and ignored. But in many cases, a norovirus infection may be the real culprit.
Berries Blamed for Hepatitis A Outbreak
Organic fruit may be produced without chemicals or pesticides, but that doesn't mean it is immune from being contaminated with foodborne illness. 
Clean Eating is a Serious Matter
Food should fuel us and give us energy, not make us sick. But when certain bacteria gets involved, food can cause some serious problems in the body.
FDA Releases New Tool to Help Prevent Intentional Food Contamination
The US Food and Drug Administration has released a new tool to help bolster the food industry’s defense measures against an act of intentional food contamination.
FDA Warns Consumers About Potential Health Risk with Juices Inc. Juice Products
The US Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to consume any juice products or other beverages from Juices Incorporated (aka Juices International and Juices Enterprises) of Brooklyn, N.Y.
Uptick in Foodborne Infection
When it comes to episodes of food poisoning in the US, there is good news and there is bad news.
Rich Products Corporation Recalls Products for E. Coli Risk
Rich Products Corporation of Buffalo, New York, has announced a voluntary recall of certain Farm Rich ® and Market Day ® products.
Real Frogs Not As Kid-Friendly as Kermit
Frogs and snakes may seem like low-maintenance pets for kids. But young children can become sick from contact with reptiles and amphibians.