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You KAN-DO It!
It's easier for preschoolers to eat well when families have the tools to think about good nutrition. Moms were able to do so with the KAN-DO program.
Lose Weight to Boost Pregnancy Ratio
Obesity is known to reduce a woman's fertility as well as increase the risk of complications with a birth, but does that mean losing weight will increase her fertility?
Mom's Weight & Kids' Test Scores
Shedding pounds before getting pregnant can reduce a number of health risks - but it may also add a few points to your child's reading and math scores. A recent study has found a link between a mother's weight before pregnancy and their children's cognitive skills: obese women's children score lower on math and reading tests when they were 5 to 7 years old. Get to a healthy weight before becoming pregnant. Lead author Rika Tanda , a nursing doctoral candidate at Ohio State University, and colleagues wanted to investigate potential connections between a mother's pre-pregnancy ob...
Will You Eat Better When Baby Arrives?
Planning a family? Thinking you might finally start eating healthier because a little one is watching your dietary habits? Parenthood may not change those habits as much as you'd like. A long-term study looking at the impact of having children on the eating habits of their parents found that starting a family does not necessarily lead mom and dad to eat healthier diets. Deciding to eat better is a win-win decision. Helena Laroche , MD, of the University of Iowa and the Iowa City VA Medical Center, and colleagues wanted to know whether the popular idea that parents may decide to ...
Your "Muffin Top" Produces a Bigger Baby
Are you convinced that your muffin top isn't hurting anyone, so there's no need to lose it? Think again. A new study shows that packing on extra pounds is bad for your baby - even if you're not pregnant yet.
Bump That Baby Bump
Weight gain is important during pregnancy, as is weight maintenance. How can they both be achieved? Exercise is the key and is recommended during pregnancy, but is it safe or effective?
Metformin Melts Fat and PCOS Away
Whacked out hormones cause polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition which is thought to affect seven percent of all women, cause period problems and appearance changes.
Get Skinny To Get Pregnant
Weight loss has been shown to improve various medical conditions. Infertility can now join the growing number of conditions that can be treated by weight loss.