Health News

Dallas Ebola Patient Has Died
On September 30, health officials confirmed that a man in Dallas, TX had been infected with Ebola virus. Now, those officials are taking steps to reassure the public that the situation is under control.
First Ebola Case Diagnosed in US Confirmed
A patient being treated at a Dallas, TX hospital is the first confirmed case of Ebola diagnosed in the US, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Tuesday.
FDA OKs Ebola Treatment for Emergency Use
With case estimates as high as 1.4 million by mid-January, the Ebola outbreak continues to spread in West Africa. In response, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an Ebola treatment for emergency, limited use.
WHO Issues Update on Ebola Situation
Earlier this week, President Obama announced US troop assistance to curb the spread of Ebola in West Africa. But even as more international partners offer their support, cases of infection continue to rise.
UK Trial of Ebola Vaccine Begins
Ruth Atkins, 48, was the first volunteer to receive a candidate Ebola vaccine in a University of Oxford trial Thursday.
US Troops to Aid in Ebola Fight
In an effort to fight the West African Ebola outbreak, the US has pledged to send troops to Liberia.
CDC Releases Checklist for Ebola Preparedness
As the Ebola outbreak continues in West Africa, health officials in the US are asking health care workers to prepare to act if the disease spreads.
Health Officials Struggle to Respond to Ebola Outbreak
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa isn't showing many signs of slowing. According to the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of new Ebola cases is climbing at such a rate that health authorities are struggling to manage them.
WHO Supports Blood Transfusions to Fight Ebola
Health officials are looking for ways to curb the spread of Ebola as the outbreak in West Africa worsens. Experts gathered by the World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended that researchers focus on some specific vaccines and treatments.
Aid Group Calls for More Help in Ebola Fight
Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a "roadmap" to guide the international response to what is now the largest Ebola outbreak in history. But Doctors Without Borders said world leaders' responses have been inadequate.