Health News

A Case for Delaying Cancer Screenings
As a general rule, both men and women are urged to get their first colon cancer screening at age 50. These screening guidelines and technology may be changing.
Guys, Keep Your Fit Physiques!
Carrying a few extra pounds isn’t just bad for men's figures – it’s unhealthy. Being overweight or obese increases their odds of heart disease and certain types of cancer, including colorectal cancer.
Dreaming of Colorectal Cancer
Poor sleep disturbs the body in all sorts of ways. Snoring affects our breathing, how much oxygen the body gets and how much sleep we need. And all of this may play a role in cancer risks.
Lady Smokers' Risk for Colon Cancer
Links between smoking and lung cancer have been well established, but what about other types of cancer? In particular, female smokers have shown high rates of colon cancer.
Solving the Calcium and Cancer Conundrum
Calcium’s role in reducing cancer risks is controversial. In some studies, the mineral was shown to reduce the risks of abnormal colorectal growths that can lead to cancer.
More Months of Life with Colorectal Cancer
Once cancer has spread to another organ, treatment options become more limited. In a good news story, researchers may have found a way to help folks whose advanced colorectal cancer has spread to the liver.
A Man’s Genes Can Hurt His Cancer Outlook
Lynch syndrome is the most common genetic condition that’s linked to cancer.  While it is fairly rare, the condition can raise the risk for various cancers. But the connection between Lynch syndrome and prostate cancer has been uncertain.
Constipation May Not Link with Colorectal Cancer
Folks are considered constipated if they have three or fewer bowel movements a week. Doctors often refer these individuals to get a colonoscopy screening. But is that the right move?
Bone Loss Rx Didn't Lower Cancer Risk
It’s always exciting when researchers find a new benefit for an existing medication. One type of medicine that treats bone loss has been shown to have anti-cancer properties.
Sedation and Cancer Screening Complications
Maybe you've heard people say they don't want to have a colonoscopy because bad things can happen. True – bad things can happen, but complications are very unusual.