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Does Car Pollution Relate to Autism?
With the increase in cases of autism, researchers are constantly looking for possible causes of the condition. A new study looks at whether air pollution from traffic might play a role.
Autistic Kids Go For Science and Math
It is a common belief that kids with autism are more gifted in the arts and math.  A recent study looked at what college majors kids with autism were choosing to study.
Autism Skin Treatment for Mercury
Some web sources say that removing heavy metals, like mercury, can cure autism. Science doesn’t back up this claim. And some chelation therapies to remove metals may not even work.
Autism Link to Flu in Pregnancy is Weak
Getting sick while pregnant may make expectant moms feel even more ill at ease. Will the illness affect your child? Can it increase his or her risk of autism? So far, it seems unlikely.
Autism Can Affect Mom’s Mental Health
Caring for a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be tough. Good coping skills may help mothers deal with the stress. A recent study found that mothers of children with ASD reported having higher levels of stress.
ASD Program Changes Behavior and Brain
Early treatment for autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) can help improve behaviors and social skills. Recent research suggests it may also change the brain.
How Early Can Autism Be Detected?
Early help for kids with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) can be important. But how young can we detect the early symptoms of ASD ? A recent study tracked kids for the first three years of life.
ASD Symptoms May be Shaped by Gender
More boys than girls have an autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ). It is not clear why this is the case, and researchers are trying to understand if ASD affects the sexes differently.
Gene for Autism - One or Many?
Many different genes have been linked to autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ). With the idea that no single gene is to blame, researchers looked for how different genes worked together.
Changing the Way Autism is Diagnosed?
There are proposed changes to the way autism is diagnosed that will group all autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) together. Some parents are worried how these changes will impact their children.